Investment : Assin North Municipal

Published on 2015-08-19

Investment : Granite

In terms of sheer opportunity, Assin North Municipal is simply the investor’s dream. They produces most of the cash and food crops found in Ghana, and this activity employs more than 50% of the youth. It is one of the leading producers of cocoa in the region and ranks second only to Twifo Praso in the production of palm oil.

Very favourable climatic conditions, plus a variety of fertile soils ensure high yields of plantain, cassava, cocoyam, maize, and rice along with vegetables such as garden eggs, onions and tomatoes. The cultivation of non-traditional crops such as black pepper, for which Assin Bereku and Assin Bremang are well known, as well as pineapples, has caught on with the people .

Fruits, such as citrus and bananas, are produced in abundance, and here lies a major opportunity for investors interested in agro-processing. Out of the 237,500 hectares of land currently under cultivation, some 26,750 hectares are being used for the cultivation of citrus. The assembly produces about 360,000 tonnes of oranges/citrus a year of which less than a quarter satisfies the local market, resulting in a glut in the area.

So far very little processing of citrus primary products is done in the district. Prospective investors could, therefore, turn this huge waste into a highly profitable economic venture by investing in the fruit processing industry . Also, soap production is very viable because of the abundance of oil palm .

The wood and timber industry is vibrant , which plays host to the largest timber firm in the region – BRM, based at Nyankomasi Ahenkro. There are 17 logging companies and three sawmills currently operating , which still has lots of capacity for more firms which engage in timber-related activities.

The  Assembly would warmly welcome investors in this area. There are lots of potential  mining sector, where small scale mining activities are very prominent. Such activity started in the Assin North Assembly a decade ago and there are currently over 30 small scale mining operators engaged in gold and diamond mining.

The average size of the concessions is 15 acres and average production is 500 carats of diamond and 300 ounces of gold per annum, making the district among the three top producers of gold in the region and the leading producer of diamonds. Gold and diamonds can be mined at Assin Awisem, Assin, and Assin Nyaadum, part of Assin Kushea, Assin Manso and Tebil.

There are large deposits of granite for quarrying in Assin Aponsie, Assin Dadieso, Assin Domiabra and Assin Foso, which are largely unexploited. Mechanised operations hold great potential to increase production of gold and diamonds, an area which investors could take advantage of. Another investment opportunity is created by the absence of gas supplies between Obuasi in the Ashanti Region and Cape Coast, the Central Regional capital.

Any prospective investor could exploit the entire  market. The  Assembly is also installing an FM station at Assin Foso and the private sector is welcome as a partner in this viable project.

With the achievements over the years, the infrastructural facilities and investment potentials, and the absolute commitment of the  Assembly, Assin North is one of the most promising investment destinations in the country.