GOMOA W:Assembly to support brilliant but needy girls

Published on 2015-08-19

he Gomoa West District Assembly has expressed its willingness to support brilliant girls who passed their basic school exams to further their education in some selected senior cycle institutions within the district.

Madam Cecilia Essel, a representative from the Education Ministry made the disclosure during the DCEs tour of communities in the district.

She added that some organizations such as CAMFED are ready to support such brilliant girls through their senior cycle education and therefore encouraged parents to take advantage of these opportunities.

Madam Essel however, expressed regret at the alarming rate of teenage pregnancy in the district and how it has become a major concern for stakeholders.

She thus pleaded with parents to properly monitor their female wards so that cases of teenage pregnancy could be avoided so that girls are allowed to further their education and realize their maximum potential.

While affirming the importance of education to individuals, communities and the country she assured parents that government will do its best to provide the necessary assistance to promote good and quality education in the country but also reminded parents that they have greater responsibility of bringing up their wards in a way that is most appreciated by society.

She pleaded with them to give their children the needed support and encouragement to help boost their academic performances.