Investment : Twifo-Ati Mokwa ( New)

Published on 2015-08-19

Investment : palm tree

TOPP is a special Agricultural project initiated by the Government of Ghana in 1977 with loan financing from the EU, CDC, FMO and the Netherlands Government.  Work on the plantation commenced in August 1978.  the major shareholders of the company are the government of Ghana (40.46%) and Unilever Ghana (40.00%)

The estate is situated at Twifo Ntratrewaso/Twifo Mampong with an area of 62km thus 133 miles from Accra.  TOPP is one of the largest producers of palm oil in Ghana.  It has distinguished itself by winning Awards in the following fields: Major Exporter of Palm Oil for three (3) consecutive years (1992, 1993 and 1994) awarded by the Ghana Export Promotion Council.  Good Industrial relations Practice and respect for Labour from the Trades Union Congress in 1995.

The company has an office in Accra which handles shipping, supplies and other business issues.

The annual production currently is about 17000 metric tones of palm oil and 5000 metric tones of palm kernel.  The processing of fruit from the company’s own estate is (60%), organized small holder unit (15%) outside purchase fruits (25%).  Outside fruits are purchased from small private farmers in the Central Region.

The Smallholder Project which covers 2,832 hectares with 1,626 hectares maturing by 1999 started in 1,983.  it was funded by CREDEC and EU and is run by a separate unit in conjunction with TOPP, which also provides support services.  The project provides alternative farming opportunities to farm families displaced by the acquisition of land for TOPP.

The Estate currently has 2,450 hectares (10,625 acres) of mature oil palm which were planted between 1979 – 1990.  average yield of Fresh Fruit Bunches (FFB) per hectare owned by the estate is about 12.5 metric tones. 

Construction of the Palm Oil Mill commenced in 1984 and was commissioned in May 1987 as a 20 metric tone per hour mill.  The mill has been expanded to 30 tone per hour and can handle 100,000 metric tone FFB per annum, with a capacity per hour of 30 metric tones. 

The high quality palm oil of the company is achieved by early harvesting and sterilization soon after harvest.  This is facilitated by network of roads and culverts built within the estate.  Strict quality and safety standards are adhered to in ensuring high quality oil even months after production.  The FFB yield profile over the years is as high as 15% in the peak month and 3% in the rough month