Economic Activities -

Ajumako-Enyan-Essiam District

The main economic activity of the people in the district is farming and it is practiced alongside other forms of economic activities. Out of the total households, there are 77.1 percent into Agriculture, mainly crop farming. Major crops grown in the district are cassava, maize, plantain, citrus and vegetables (garden eggs and pepper). Non-traditional crops such as cashew and pineapples are also grown especially in the Mando and Abaasa zones. Besides farming, agro processing activities are spotted around the district. The most predominant of these are the processing of oil palm fruits to oil and cassava to gari either in groups or as individuals. Small and micro-scale industrial activities in woodcarving, masonry, carpentry and auto-mechanic are also carried out. The major economic activities in the service sector are ladies hairdressing, barbering, tele-communication services, few guest houses and "chop" bars.




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