Edina Bronya

Edina Bronya is connected to the annual New Year Festivities which the Elmina people celebrated together with the Dutch.

Edina Bronya, also called Edina Christmas coincides with the Dutch festival on the first Thursday of January every year and it signifies the bond of friendship between the Dutch and the Elmina people.

Traditional ceremonies preceding this celebration includes the exhibition of the “Aketekete” war drum captured from the Fantis in 1868. The Number 7 Asafo Company performs some rites in the Benya lagoon.

On Edina Bronya day, families assemble in their ancestral homes and give food and drinks to the  departed in a ceremony called “Akor” or “Akordo-konye do” that is, ‘a place that we reunite, settle all disputes and become one; a place where the living and the dead become one’. There is merry making after this ceremony




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