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Upper Denkyira West District is one of the Twenty Administrative Districts in the Central Region. It was established by a Legislative Instrument (L.I. 1848, 2007). It was carved out of the erstwhile Upper Denkyira District as a result of its growing population which hampered its administration. As a means of ensuring effective administration and holistic development, Upper Denkyira West became one of the two offshoots of the Split and was inaugurated in February, 2008 with Diaso as its capital. 

The District falls within the semi equatorial zone with its characteristics.  The mean annual temperatures are 30 º C on the hottest months and about 26ºC in the coolest months.  The annual range of temperature is 5˚C. The District has a bimodal rainfall regimes (Double-maxima rainfall), but the total annual mean rainfall is between 1,200mm and 2,000mm.  The first rainy season spans from May to June with the heaviest in June, while the second rainy season is from September to October.  The main dry season is from November to February. This is well suited for the cocoa production and this has made the District one of the leading producers




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