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Twifo/Atti-Morkwa District is one of the twenty administrative districts in the Central Region of Ghana. It was formerly known as the Twifo-Hemang Lower Denkyira District with its capital at Twifo Praso. It was carved from then Denkyira District Council in 1988 by LI 1377.

Location and size
The district is bounded on the north by the Upper Denkyira East Municipal at the South by the Hemang Lower Denkyira District, at the West by the Mpohor Wassa East District and at the East by the Assin North Municipal and Assin South District.
The functions of the Twifo/Atti-Morkwa District Assembly like all other District Assemblies are basically derived from statute, as mandated by Local Govement Act 462 of 1993 and Legislative Instrument No. 2023.

Relief and Drainage
The District has a generally undulating landscape with a general altitude between 60-200 meters above sea level. The Pra River and its tributaries serve as the major drainage system in the area.

The district falls within the semi equatorial climatic zone marked by double maximal rainfall with a total annual mean rainfall between 1,200 mm and 2,000 mm. The first rainy season spans from March to June with the heaviest in June while the second rainy season is from September to November (Dickson and Benneh, 2001). It has fairly high uniform temperatures ranging between 26°C (in August) and 30°C (in March).




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