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The district census report is the first of its kind since the first post-independence census was
conducted in 1960. The report provides basic information about the district. It gives a brief
background of the district, describing its physical features, political and administrative
structure, socio-cultural structure and economy. Using data from the 2010 Population and
Housing Census (2010 PHC), the report discusses the population characteristics of the
district, fertility, mortality, migration, marital status, literacy and education, economic
activity status, occupation, employment; Information Communication Technology (ICT),
disability, agricultural activities and housing conditions of the district. The key findings of
the analysis are as follows (references are to the relevant sections of the report):

Population size, structure and composition
The population of Awutu Senya East Municipal, according to the 2010 Population and Housing
Census, is 108,422 representing 4.9 percent of the region’s total population. Males constitute
48.1 percent and females represent 51.9 percent. The proportion of the population living in
urban areas is 94.1 percent compared to 5.9 percent in the rural areas. The Municipal has a sex
ratio of 92.8. The population of the Municipal is youthful (38.3%) depicting a broad base
population pyramid which tapers off with a small number of elderly persons (2.4%). 




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