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AAK District covers a land area of about 380 sq. km. The District has about 262 communities, with Abura Dunkwa as its capital. The District population as given in the 2010 PHC was 117,185. Based on the estimated growth rate of 2.6%, the population as at 2017 is estimated to be 141,162. The district has more females than males with a sex ratio of 89.3.
As a one constituency district, AAK has three main Traditional Paramouncies but further divided into eight area Councils to enhance local governance and participation.

Mission Statement
The Abura Asebu Kwamankese District Assembly exists to facilitate the improvement in the quality of life of the people within the Assembly’s jurisdiction through equitable provision of social services and needed infrastructure for the total development of the district, within the context of Good Governance

Potentials/ Investment Opportunities in the District
Economically, the District is mainly agrarian with crops such as citrus, oil palm, maize, cassava, plantain as some of the major crops cultivated. It also a short coastal stretch of about 5km at Moree.

The district has touristic features which when developed and packaged well would fetch a lot of revenue. Among them are:

    Monkey Sanctuary at Akesegua
    Fort Nassau at Moree
    Rock Deposits in the Sea at Moree, once believed to have been human beings
    Asebu Amanfi Stool, a rock which carries the foot and fingerprints of Asebu Amanfi founder of Asebu

Processing/Manufacturing Agro Processing
The District also has potentials for investment in such areas such as

    Citrus processing
    Oil palm processing
    Cassava processing into Gari, Starch and other similar product
    Satchet water production

Real Estate
The District has vast and suitable land for real estate development and the hospitality industry.

Availability of Industrial Zone
Plans are also far advanced and negotiations for land are on-going to earmark Tetsi Junction to Ayeldu as its industrial zone.




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