Departments  of  the  Regional  Co-ordinating  Council
1.   Department of Social Protection
2.   Department  of  Community  Development
3.   Department of  Town and Country Planning
4.   Public Works Department
5.   Department of Parks and Gardens
6.   Department  of  Housing
7.   National Board for Small-Scale Industries
8.   Registry of Births and Deaths
9.   Controller and Accountant-General’s Department
10.   Department of  Feeder Roads
11.   Department  of  Urban  Roads
12.   Veterinary Services Department
13.   Department  of  Agriculture
14.   Department of Agricultural Engineering
15.   National  Sports  Authority
16.   National Youth Authority
17.   Education  Service
18.   Ghana Library Authority
19.   Health Service
20.   Statistical Service
21.   Department  of  Children
22.   Department of  Women



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